Monday, September 10, 2012

Could 3 Presidents Be The Answer ?

"Maybe We Should Elect 3 Presidents" 1 Dem. 1 Rep And 1 Indp. Taking 2/3 Vote To Rule The Office ? This Might Element The Tail-Wagging Dog Barking Lying, We See Between Party’s ! Maybe When All Party’s, Only Have To Concentrate On The Lying In Their Own Party. We Might Get The Best From Each Party ! This Way You Don'T Have To Worry About The Other Party’s, Just Your Own !##!

Presiident Election

"Our--Wealth--Dream" Conn--Gress Spent All Our SS. Money, Medicare Money, On Things Entirely Un-Related ! This Has Amounted To Over 16 Trillion Dollars ! Now They Are In One--Big--Mess !! Presidential Election Will Make Absolutely No--No--No Difference ! The Great Empire Is Doo---mmed, Prepare Yourselves !